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Before getting started make sure you have the following installed, along with what they in turn depend on:


At the moment the recommended way to download vixn is with git. The repository's URL is git:// so to check out a fresh copy into a directory called vixn:

$ git clone git:// vixn

Each time you want to upgrade change into the vixn directory and run:

$ git pull

To browse the git repository in a web browser use the URL


Packaged tarballs of vixn are available, but at least until it's officially "stable" it's probably better to use git. The download directory for the tarballs is


ROX users can run vixn just by clicking on its icon, and others can run it in place by running inside the vixn directory. You'll want to build the HTML documentation by running the script. To install vixn for the system run the script. By default it installs under /usr/local so you'll need to be root, but you can pass an alternative destination as an argument to the script. In addition to vixn/ there's also a vixgrep script which acts as a front-end to grep, displaying results in a throwback window.